11/?? ss501 and other idols: Kim Hyung Jun and Sunny


The Dorky501 Guys(◐‿◑)


Welcome back my precious one

                ↳ 23.07.12 - 22.07.14 ♥

welcome back to my favourite person, kim kyu jong. two years sure does fly by quickly when you have a life outside kpop (im jking, i still dont). your presence was greatly missed during those years ㅠㅠ so thanks for always being the glue that kept everyone together and I’m glad I can finally see your lovely face more often ♡  
Adorable Jung Min at Gimpo Airport.
SS501 - dumb Funny Moments 
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Tom& Jerry being Tom&Jerry x

Why Kim Hyun Joong is the best leader; because he would still ignore the bitter pain and would continue to dance..

And why the other 4 are the best dongsaengs; because they would respect their leader’s unsaid decision and would always follow him..

9 years with ss501.

” When you are together. That becomes the most beautiful thing in this world”