"The ranking in my heart" game, the MC would give each member a question and they should order other members’ seats to answer the question.

Q for HJB: If you were a girl, which member would you want to be in a relationship with?
This describe MinJun's relationship in a gifset.


Always cherishes fans’ gifts, our Kyu Jongie 


Happy Birthday Cutie Sexy Charisma ❤︎
Happy 28th Birthday our Sexy Charisma, Park Jung Min!

All, I want to say is just. Please stay healthy and happy, Triple S and Kazok will always here to support you.


생일축하해, 박정민! ಠ‿ಠ ❤︎

 dear old sexy charisma trolling horse, have a good day full of unforgettable memories. I miss you.

What would Hyun Joong be like when he is married?